10 Ways to Use Marble in your home

2021-01-03 by minerals0

Marble sat quietly in the background when it comes to the selection of materials over the years. It is a unique form that has been fashionable since the time of the Mughals. But recently there has been little on the fringe compared to many other home building materials. All of this is now starting to refine as we see the revival of marble in the interior designs. It all started coming back in a small fashion, but now we are starting to see the marble under the entire room and floor plan as people revisit its pattern and texture.

10 Ways to Use Marble in your home

Marble, when installed right, is unique as a building material. Choosing when and where to use it, however, can distinguish between thirst and prettiness.

Marble in the kitchen

Marble excels in tall, sturdy poles and slabs. It is commonly used to design auspicious lobbies in columns or large spaces. While it still looks the part in other forms, you might not get the same level of texture moving in the same piece.

To this end, the kitchen suits such stone very much. There are plenty of options for slab-work here, which gives the complete amazing set-piece look.


First, marble suits on the kitchen slab or countertop to a tee. Both are simple, flat surfaces that serve as focal points for the room and are large enough to demonstrate some serious marbling through the stone.

If your kitchen has a standalone island and sink, marble can be used not only on the top of the bench but also as a building material on the island walls. This allows it to act as a secondary backsplash.


The kitchen countertop is probably one of the most obvious uses for stone, and one of the best ways to demonstrate your love for this classic material. Granite is on the decline as a top choice for kitchen counter materials, down about ten percent from 2016 to 2018, according to Houzz. While many prefer quartz as an alternative, marble countertops can give any kitchen a traditional, but modern, touch.


Although full-fledged counter makeovers using marble are a great way to add large amounts of marble, the contrast and effects are also offered by a small area. Marble kitchen islands stand out differently from the rest of your kitchen and make a statement.


The primary purpose of the splashback is to provide a visual effect to focus on moving the eye to a new room and save the cabin for longer viewing. You can use marble to great effect by creating a brilliant backdrop in the room. It is also stain-resistant in case of incidents of any wrong pasta sauce.


The kitchen floor experiences a lot of spreading and staining, and marble is a good stone for tiling. It is not very porous, meaning that it can work in both the kitchen and bathroom environments (much later) without water or misty buildup.

An original design trick is to purchase colored marble as polar as opposed to its primary decorator color.

The overall effect contrasts with complexity, an elegant and simple room that provides a lot of visual stimulation on its own, but can serve as a comparatively silent backdrop when exposed to more durable colors (attention Give how much vibrant color is on the flowers on the left side. Take out!).


Marble in lounge

Coffee table

Want to use something to surprise guests? A marble coffee table is the best way to keep up with Jones for anyone looking for comfort in class. This is another wonderful place to use marble in slab-form, as it acts like a benchtop in unifying a room.


The fireplace is a huge installation of regal stone choice. It is a cold stone, visually, and you have a color choice to match any look. If you are after regency, marble is a great choice here.

If you are in the heart of sunny cities, this might not be a quiet idea, but if you feel the chill of winter somewhere, the fireplace serves as an excellent showpiece for rooms in use.

Dressing Table CoverĀ 

A great way to remodel criminals who come up with more important projects is to make toppings for fixtures and small pieces of furniture, such as cabinets, dressing tables, or similar small items.

If you are using marble throughout your home, creating a distinctive look for the top of the surfaces can go a long way to create a consistent he’s the theme for your space. The lower marble of a uniform cut (such as a small coffee table) works excellently when serving as a high-level surface (eg, a dressing table).


Marble in the bathroom

Bathroom Tiling :

You can use marble on both walls as well as your bathroom floor. As we have previously mentioned, marble is not a particularly porous material, so it fits in moisture or adequate condensation rooms such as bathrooms.

Popular colors in bathrooms are white, cream, dark marble for contrast, and tan shades.

Bathtub Veneer :

As a covering, marble acts as a seamless vertical piece for things like bathroom showers or bathtub veneers. It also means that there should not be a bunch of grout to see this scene. Good for anyone trying to pursue a sleek and modern look.

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