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A beautiful house can be realized only when the floor of the house along with the interior decoration is made, which everyone just keeps looking at. Marble is considered a symbol of beauty and luxury. People use marbles to enhance the beauty of the house from the time of the kings and emperors. Marble floors are used not only for beauty but also due to being strong and durable in home, office, and business units. Natural marble is much more expensive than any other building material.

A beautiful house can be realized only when the interior decoration, as well as the floor of the house, is made, which everyone just keeps looking at. Marble business has also increased manifold due to the property boom in Greater Delhi. The effect of increasing the purchasing power of the people is that people are not backing down from tearing down their old house and giving it a new look. Marble is helping him most in this work. The houses are being dazzled with domestic and foreign marble.

Whenever we think of the floor of the house, the image of the marble floor is first formed in the mind. Although many types of floors are available in the market nowadays, marble is the most different. Its royal look attracts everyone. Due to its look, it is also a bit expensive than the rest of the floor.

If the floor of the house is made of marble, then its beauty is made immediately. Applying marble of different colors increases the brightness of the house manifold. People’s priority is the drawing-room for planting marble. By the way, now people want to use marble only for the whole house. The same stone can also be put in all rooms and also of different colors and variety. It all depends on the choice and budget. Due to these trends, there is a boom in the marble market these days. Even though people build houses through building contractors, they prefer to select marble itself. According to the marble vendors, then those who are building a new house themselves come and buy the square feet of marble by deciding the quality, color, and rate of the marble.

Some people also order imported marbles from outside by placing a special order. However, it is quite expensive. Marble demand also depends on people’s choices. Most prefer white marble stone, while some prefer Italian marble, pink, green, and black marble. These days imported marble for flooring is sourced from Italy, Turkey, and other Western countries. The marble of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Bengaluru is considered good in India. Due to this attitude of the citizens, the business of marble in Ghaziabad is also increasing quadruple day and night. Marbles of every variety and color are available in the market according to the quality and budget of the customer.

Some customers get a certain size of black and white marble cut in the drawing-room. This floor looks like a chessboard. Some make green, white, and black marble mixed design floors. In addition to the marble rooms, stairs, kitchens, and verandas are also installed. White marble is applied more on the stairs, whereas black, green, or gray-colored marbles are preferred in the kitchen. Light-colored marble is often used in corporate offices.

Marble is available at different rates in the market according to the budget of the customer. These rates usually depend on the quality of the marble. Normal white marble is available for 25 to 50 rupees per square feet. A marble of better quality is available from Rs 120 per square feet to 1500 and 2000 thousand rupees per square feet. According to the vendors, imported marble has more demand for Italian marble. In the market, you will find marbles in many colors and designs, but before buying them, know which color and design marble are the strongest. Mixed grain marble is stronger than marble of the same color. It is interesting to know that the inaccuracies found in the marble while processing it make it strong.

So that it looks right, looks beautiful

  • It is necessary to level the floor properly before installing marble. If the floor is properly leveled, it becomes easy to place marble tiles in it. Marble applied on flat floors has less chance of cracking.
  • When laying marble for the floor, seek the help of an expert. If the marble is not laid properly, there is a risk of damage. Experienced professionals can help with both techniques and tools in applying marble.
  • The entire look of the house can be changed from marble. Mark the place before placing the marble. This will allow the marble to be cut to the correct size. After laying the marble check the messed up tiles in size.
  • To enhance the beauty of the room, be careful about the layout of the floor before installing marble.
  • Do not be negligent while buying marble. Avoid being cheated in the name of the original marble. You can also consult a professional while purchasing marble. Try to choose the natural marble stone itself. Ensure that the marble is of good quality.
  • To keep the floor durable, polish and sealant should be used properly. The sealant is useful in protecting the marble from stains. A professional knows what type of sealant the floor needs. Floors
    Keep checking for stains. Make sure to get polished on the marble floor at least once in 6 to 8 months.
  • Use hot water to clean the marble floor. Use a cloth to dry the floor after cleaning. It is important to dry the floor properly, otherwise, there is a fear of spots on the wet marble

Maintenance is also very important

Regular maintenance of marble is also very important. Marble stone is very soft and perforated, so its maintenance is less of a challenge. If this is not maintained properly, then the marble floor soon starts to deteriorate. Here are some tips that can keep the marble floor shining for a long time.

Do daily cleaning

Marbles should be washed daily with lukewarm water. Don’t forget to apply wiper on it immediately. The detergent used in washing the floor is not acidic. Clean only once a month with it. Excess use of this will spoil the floor quickly. The floor of the floor can be increased by coating the marble sealer on the marble floor because it does not easily stain the spots and it shines for a long time.

Clean the spots

Cleaning the spots from the marble floor is a difficult task. Many substances create spots on the floor, such as oily food, caffeinated beverages, vinegar, rust, etc. Do not delay in cleaning them. Immediately after stains on the floor, wash it with warm water and clean it with a cloth. If the stain is too deep, then ammonia and peroxide can also be used to clean it.

The problem of confirmed stains

Removing rust stains on the marble becomes a headache. If something of glass is placed on it, it often leaves a mark. To avoid these, use the coaster as far as possible. Laying carpet or mats on the floor can be a good way of protection. If marks of rust have been formed despite the rescue, then the rust removal chemical can be brought from the market. You will find it at any hardware store. Some people also clean their marble by waxing. This method is good for colored marble. Waxing is not good for white marble, as it turns this marble yellow and unsightly after some time.

To retain shine

To maintain the brightness of your marble for a long time, you will have to maintain it properly. Rubbing with a detergent in a wet cloth quickly worsens it. There are many types of cleansers available in the marble market, but before purchasing them, do consult a professional. Only then will your floor be sparkling. Whoever steps in your house will say, ‘Wow! What a sparkle. ‘

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