Granite vs Quartz? Is One Better Than The Other.

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“Granite vs. Quartz: What Would Be A Good Choice” – When working on the interior of a kitchen or bathroom, people usually wonder what stone they should choose for countertops? Basically, almost all people go for granite or quartz as both are stone as well as suitable for their countertop as well as chosen for most of the time by buyers.

Granite vs Quartz? Is One Better Than The Other?

Still many of them are not aware that the slab would be more reliable or perfect for their location. Well, this is a misleading debate as both stones have a lot of advantages which are unlikely to be the same but still they are the best in their situation.

Deciding between granite versus quartzite depends on personal taste. We will answer some of the questions you are thinking about.

  • Is it important for a countertop to be more attractive?
  • Can Price Affect Content?
  • Are they difficult to maintain?


We will try to find out the basic knowledge you have when purchasing a countertop for your kitchen or bathroom. There are some differences between both granite and quartz which we are going to elaborate on below.

So that the next time you have to choose between the two, it will be easier for you to choose the right stone for your kitchen and bathroom.


Some Basics of Granite vs Quartz

As you all know that granite and quartz are both stones, but the interesting thing you are not aware of is that granite is a completely natural stone, which comes directly from the stone quarries and then is carved into thin slabs, polishes, and countertops.


The term “granitic” refers to a group of intrusive igneous rocks with similar changes in texture and composition and origin. Granite always contains the mineral quartz and feldspar, with or without a wide variety of other minerals (minor minerals).


While quartz is a man-made or engineered stone it is not completely natural. Quartz is made from crushed quartz mixed with resins and dyes. Quartz is not a natural stone made of quartz composed of 97% quartz waste. It is made up of stone by-products that lie above the ground and in slabs for countertops.

Appearance matters

When choosing the right stones, firstly you focus on their appearance or what you will see after finishing. The selection of the stone according to the appearance of the well depends entirely on the individual. This stone attracts people due to its look and design.

Both stones look beautiful after polishing.

  • Start with granite, as it is a natural stone granite that looks lossless and is not always the same in design and texture. It will be slightly different from each other as it occurs naturally with limited colors. People usually go with granite because the brightness of this stone is more beautiful than any other stone for quartz or countertops. The texture of the granite gives grace to the slab after installation.
  • While quartz sometimes looks fake as it is not a natural stone. It is of the same pattern and texture as it is a piece of machinery made stone but it can be in different colors and patterns. People would choose quartz if they wanted to try something new for their countertop. Due to the variety, it gives different forms every time. If you want to have a countertop to look natural, then you can go with naturally found stone i.e. granite, but if you want to keep your kitchen or bathroom different as well as unique in design and styles. So you may like quartz.


Durability and maintenance

Kitchens are busy places with food, liquids, and more. Therefore, there is a need to be more vigilant in the maintenance of your countertop.


When you focus on aesthetics you should also pay attention to the durability and maintenance of the stone. This is a question for a long time because people do not change countertops for very long.


In the current lifestyle of people, everyone wants to buy stone, which does not require much maintenance and can last for a long time with constant shine. No one wants to spend more time in cleaning and maintenance. Granite and quartz are both chips resistant as well as heat resistant materials.


In this case, the probability of both stones is not equal:


  • Granite is a beautiful natural stone but it requires more care and maintenance. It is durable if it is properly installed and sealed otherwise it will soak up liquids and also stain oil. This requires periodic installation and sealing.


  • If we talk about quartz it does not require periodic installation or sealing. You only need to fix it and can be durable for longer. The resin in quartz countertops makes them more resistant than granite which is a major advantage of quartz.


You can clean your countertop with a dry cloth or soap sponge after working in the kitchen. This will remove all dirt from the slab and keep the crystal clear.


What will be the price range?

In both cases, prices have not been given much consideration. If we talk about the price of both granite and quartz then there is not much difference in their prices. Naturally, the price depends largely on the quality, style, and color of the material as well as the type of treatment required.


When choosing between granite and quartz, it is also important to take into account the long-term costs of granite, which require professional residency at each period. If there is any expense after its installation, quartz is less. Fees and other factors can also affect the pricing of stones.


Some Pros and Cons of Granite vs Quartz

There are some drawbacks and benefits for both stones here. There are many rules and cons to consider when you are choosing which material will work best in your kitchen and bathroom countertops. You can select your countertop after knowing them. To know every beautiful thing, both are beautiful choices, there are some drawbacks too.


Some Pros of Granite


  • It is one of the cheapest stones as well as it is available everywhere. As it is a natural stone, it is not in limited quantities. This stone is mostly preferred for countertops.
  • Granite provides greater durability than marble. While granite is also a natural stone like marble, it is not more durable than marble at a cheaper price.
  • The main reason people prefer granite to countertops is that granite is scratch resistant and stain proof stone if it is properly installed.
  • As long as it is properly sealed, it is a low maintenance countertop.

Some cons of Granite


Well, granite does not show much opposition as it is one of the best stones for countertops. The only drawback of this stone is that it requires high maintenance and care in terms of installation and sealing. This countertop should be primarily sealed by professionals to reduce the possibility of staining and scratches.


Some Pros of Quartz

  • Like marble, it has the shine and color of marble but is a more durable stone than marble and is sufficient for countertops.
  • The main feature of quartz is that it is scratch-prone. It is not like other stones.
  • Quartz is inexpensive as well as durable with various patterns and colors. So it is a great choice for countertops.
  • Quartz does not require much maintenance such as sealing or a lengthy installation process.

Some cons of quartz

  • Quartz can lose its color over time if it is exposed to direct sunlight over time.
  • It is slightly more expensive than granite. Quartz costs more than granite.
  • After installation and finishing, the price can vary from stone to stone. It also depends entirely on other factors.


Both stones show the same quality, but you can choose any of them according to your suitability. If you want to go with natural stone, you can choose granite but according to us, you should go with quartz.


 As it is slightly better stain resistance and also you do not need to restart it in the future. If you believe in saving the environment, it is an environmentally friendly stone. It seems to be more popular nowadays, it can give you an advantage when selling your house.


If you are going with granite then this is also the right decision. It also has its advantages and advantages. But take care of your granite countertop and maintain it properly.


Once you have decided to choose a stone for the countertop, the interior designer can help you with colors and patterns and design your kitchen with cabinets and colors.

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