Indian vs Italian? Which is the Best Marble for Your Home or Office

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The Italian marble gives the floor, walls, kitchens, rooms, and bathrooms of the house a rich appearance with its beautiful colors, special types of wicks, and strains. Due to its elegant view, it is commonly used for decorative purposes in hotels, multinational companies’ offices, restaurants, resorts, shopping malls, schools, and other industries.


Italian marbles are highly durable and have a long life. These marble raw stones are imported into India from Italy and are in high demand worldwide. These marble stones are very good indeed. The most famous types of marble are Perlato, Diana, and Beige marble.


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Indian vs Italian? Which is the Best Marble for Your Home or Office


When it comes to adding that touch of elegance to the interiors of the house, there is nothing like marble. This regal material can instantly enhance the look of any room. But, have you ever wondered which is the better marble between Indian marble and Italian marble? Here, we will give you a comprehensive list of things to keep in mind when choosing marble for your home by comparing these two popular options.

While there is a lot of information and it gets easily overwhelmed, here are the basic differences you need to know between Indian and Italian marble.


Italian Marble Indian Marble
Durability Italian marbles are soft stones, more porous in nature, and can easily catch stains and hairline cracks. If you want to strengthen something, then Indian marble is a better option.
Price Point starts at around Rs 350 per square foot. starts at around Rs 80 per square foot.
Variety With a clear import tag on Italian marbles, even though the market has wide availability, prices can fluctuate, and stocks may vary. Locally, Indian stones are widely available in colors and price points.
Appearance They also have high brightness, adding a glow to your home. Italian marbles come in slabs, each slab having an approximate thickness of 18 to 20 mm. Indian stones are tough and come with a medium shine. They may be thicker than Italian marbles, with each slab measuring up to 30 mm.


What is Indian Marble?

Indian marble has been extensively excavated in North India, making it an affordable option available in a wide variety of colors and textures. It has a medium luster and is a relatively hard stone.


What is Italian Marble?

The Italian marble is widely appreciated for its high brightness and ability to provide visual appeal in the area where it is used. It is engraved in Italy and is now easily available in India as well. This marble is usually available in slabs.


Popular Indian and Italian types of stones

Indian Marble

It comes in a stunning array of colors such as white, pink, yellow, green, red, and black. Some popular varieties include:

  • Shiny White Makrana Marble (Famous in Taj Mahal)
  • High-Quality White Ambaji Marble from Gujarat
  • Widely exported Indian green marble
  • White Indian Statue Marble
  • Jodhpur Pink Marble
  • Onyx marble gets its name from thick strips of alternating colors etc.

Italian marble

Italian marble, like its Indian counterparts, comes in a variety of colors and textures, although there are some varieties that are immediately recognized such as:


  • The Statuario Marble is characterized by a white shot with gray or gold veins.
  • Golden Heated Botticino Marble that looks burnt from within
  • Light brown care marble with spreading, fine, feathery
  • Nero (Black) Marquina and so on.


What are the different uses of each of them?

Indian Marble

This marble is mainly used for flooring, countertops in the kitchen, and tables around the house.

Italian marble

Due to its highly glossy appearance, Italian marble is commonly used as a decorative element on walls, floors, tabletops, and so on.


Let’s talk about pricing for Indian marble and Italian marble

Indian Marble

Indian Marble and Italian Marble – Indian Marble Price-Worship Room

Marble is the ideal material for rooms of worship

While the cost of marble varies from city to city and vendor to seller, Indian marble starts at less than ₹ 50 per square foot for some varieties of Indian green marble and goes up to ₹ 250 per square foot for other varieties. 


Italian marble

There is a huge variety of Italian marble available, and prices start from 350 350 per square foot and go up to 5000 5000 per square foot, and sometimes even more.

What about the cost of laying?

The cost of laying both Indian and Italian marble is roughly the same, ranging between -100-300 per square foot. Marble laying involves laying the base of cement and river sand before placing the marble slabs and is, therefore, a labor-intensive task.

How to maintain these types of marble?

Indian marble and Italian marble-maintenance-cleaning

Your marble will need some maintenance

Here are some tips that will go a long way in keeping your marble look new:


  • Sweep regularly to keep away dust and grit
  • Clean with a mild detergent solution or a specially formulated marble-cleaning liquid
  • Gently rub or wipe the floor; Never scrub
  • Apply a marble sealer to create a protective barrier to prevent staining
  • Do not drag heavy objects over it
  • Mop ups, especially acidic liquids such as vinegar
  • Both Indian marble and Italian marble lose luster over time, so you should polish them from time to time


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